Drama Activities

Drama is, at it's heart , just pretending.

Let's Pretend!

The Little Mermaid


The Little Mermaid On Stage

Watch the Little Mermaid on Stage!

Under the Sea.mp4

Under The Sea

Dance along to Under the Sea

Part of Your World

Sing along with Halsey as she performs

Part of Your World


Tangled Disney.mp4

Tangled On Stage

Watch Tangled on Stage!

Tangled in Dance

Dance along with Flynn and Rapunzel

Recording Tangled

What does it look like to make Tangled? Can you sing along with Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi?

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and The Beast.mp4

Beauty and The Beast on Stage

beauty and the beast.mp4

John Legend and Jennifer Hudson Sing

Beauty and the Beast

Just Dance- Be Our Guest

Toy Story


Toy Story on Stage-Watch this production of Toy Story. Is anything different compared to the cartoon?


Drum along with Woody and the Gang to Old Town Road!


Aladdin on Broadway.mp4
aladdin just dance.mp4

Watch the video of Aladdin on Broadway, then try dancing to this Just Dance Video as a response!

ERES Frozen Junior

ERES Presents The Lion King in 2018

Watch the video of Emerald Ridge Elementary School's production of Frozen Junior and respond by acting out your favorite part and placing it within the Google Drive! Watch the video of our school production in 4 parts. Here is a copy of the script. You can also act it out with the Cosmic Kids Yoga

Travel back in time to watch the Lion King presented on stage at Emerald Ridge Elementary School in 2018!

Bonus Activities

Guided Meditations for Kids

Lay back, relax and listen to the guided meditations for kids. These are excellent before bed, or just for a cool down during the day. Click here for a playlist.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Act out stories like Trolls, Frozen, Moana, Star Wars, Minecraft and much more with Cosmic Kids Yoga

2020 Activities

5-8 Drama Let's Make a Play.

In Real Life Vid. 1.mov

What is it like to rehearse a play during a pandemic? Watch an interview with cast member Sydney Cochrane about how the rehearsal process changed. Watch a section of the musical created entirely on Zoom! Click here for more information. '

Google Meet with Mrs. Armbruster, Fridays at 11 am if you are interested in making our own online play!

Second City Live Family Improv Show

This family friendly, high energy improv show, is fun for all ages, and relies on audience suggestions and participation, very "Whose Line is it Anyway," but 100% family friendly.

Click here for more information

Mistatim Live Online- Coming June 19th

Red Sky Performance is presenting a repeat performance live reading of the award-winning Mistatim for young audiences, teachers, and parents online coming up in June 19th . Stay tuned for details.

You will enjoy an unforgettable story of the truest of friendships told through the “taming” of a wild horse. You can expect to meet the artists, experience a live read-through, get a glimpse into the creative process, and of course, you’ll meet Mistatim in the virtual flesh!

This is a free event. to register click here.

Dramatic Storytelling

NOTE: to participate in this assignment, parents must complete the permission form.

This grade 5-8 assignment is a drama opportunity for students to create dramatic readings of picture books dressed as a character . These assignments would then be shared privately for kindergartens to grade 4s to view through Seesaw and Class Dojo. Examples of what these dramatic readings would look like can be found everyday at noon on the Storybook Princess Parties VIP Facebook Page but your character does not need to be a princess. It could be a superhero or even a villain. One of my favorite examples is by Captain Hook.. As you can see in the examples, you do not need to dress up as a character in the book you are reading, instead, look through old Halloween costumes or for materials around the house and use your acting skills to become that character!

Grade 5-8 students will need to log into their PVSD email account and upload videos into a private shared Google Drive. K-4 students will need to log into their PVSD email account to view the videos. Your email account is your first name and last name at pvsd.ca. So for example BartSimpson@pvsd.ca