Colossal Order warns everyone Skylines of cities 2 players about their saved games, as the upcoming ‘Economy 2.0’ patch will overhaul the game from the ground up. With a “death wave” set to accompany a series of upheavals in the update, your metropolis is experiencing a dangerous, but thankfully short, apocalypse.

Cities Skylines 2’s economy is fickle at the best of times, but Colossal Order 2.0’s overhaul aims to change that sometime this week. However, the improvements are so drastic that all your old saves will be at risk, so CO wants to make sure we’re all prepared.

“Saves from before the economy redesign will still work, but may require a transition period,” Colossal Order says of the urban development game. “This rework is extensive and will affect how the simulation runs and the saves you’ve built upon when the patch goes live on Patch Day. Read below what takes time before it has an effect.”

There’s also no warranty for mods, and Colossal Order recommends contacting individual modders for instructions, as anything that affects the simulation will likely be broken.

The Economy 2.0 patch removes government subsidies and increases the maintenance costs of city services, with the Import City Services policy a requirement for any metropolis that relies on external services and imports. Tiles also have maintenance costs that can have a major impact on your overall budget.

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Many of the new changes will take some time to really take effect, so Colossal Order also outlines what you can expect from your city during that time. A ‘death wave’ will hit your city for one to two months, and ‘the older your citizens are, the more severe it will be.’ CO wants to vary the age at which citizens can die to prevent future waves of deaths, but says: “This can only happen when the Grim Reaper is done with the city” – which sounds perfectly fine and normal.

A negative money trend will also initially affect your city, so increase the tax rate, disable buildings, or reduce service budgets if you’re struggling. Unemployment rates will rise as companies also adjust production rates and workforce levels.

Adjustments to citizen demand can also change incredibly quickly, so CO warns that the metrics before and after the patch could be very different. “Companies need time to adjust production and workforce, which may increase unemployment.”

However, there is also good news, as Cities Skylines 2 solves the rental problems by getting rid of landlords. This “should help citizens afford preferential housing, reducing the number of reports of ‘high rents’ over time.” Your city will be plunged into chaos with the Economy 2.0 patch, but at least it’s temporary.

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