The new Liv Langma, the company’s podium racing machine, is now more aerodynamic than its predecessor. Some changes to the frame, a new wheelset and cockpit, as well as internal cable routing have improved the ability to move through the wind by 12.57 W on the Langma Advanced SL 0, the top model in the Langma series. The Langma Advanced SL frame is 123g lighter in a medium frame. In response to feedback from Liv’s professional team and from casual riders, the bike has received a number of other improvements designed to make it (and you) faster.

Built to be more versatile than previous generations, the new Langma features increased tire clearance, complete with a tubeless setup, for greater comfort on rough roads.

What kind of racing bike is the Liv Langma?

The new Liv Langma is designed to be more of an all-round racing bike. The Langma, named after the Tibetan name for Mount Everest, was originally a pure climbing bike. The new model stays true to its roots while adding improved aerodynamics for faster sprinting and descending. The geometry of the bike ensures an efficient climbing position. The handling makes it easy to make climbs from the saddle.

Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0

Aerodynamic gain for the Liv Langma

The aero changes come in the form of new tube shapes on the frame, which, seemingly counterintuitively, are squarer tube shapes, especially behind the fork and front wheel. These shapes also improve the stiffness of the bike, especially in the downtube and bottom bracket. The rear triangle has been slimmed down and the ‘bridge’ between the seatstays has been removed. Even with the redesigned frame, the majority of the new Langma’s aerodynamic gains come from the new wheelset and refined cockpit. The new Liv Contact handlebar has an aero design and a slight flare, delivering a gain of 3.08 W compared to the previous generation. The Langma Advanced SL and Advanced Pro series are equipped with a D-shaped fork tube and spacers, as well as new integrated cable routing to keep the front of the bike clean. The cables are accessible under the stem and should ease access when shipping the bike or for home mechanics.

While most riders might not notice the new model’s specific aerodynamic benefits, the bike does feel fast. According to Liv, most of the aerodynamic improvements are noticeable when you drive above 30 km/h.

Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0

Specific features for women

As a women’s bicycle brand, Liv ensures that its bicycles are designed with women and their needs in mind. The new Langma is no different. A bike’s geometry is determined by data from women around the world to ensure riders are in their strongest position while riding. The carbon layout in the Langma carbon frames was developed by female athletes, making the frame stiffer in the downtube and bottom bracket, and improving torsional stiffness in the front end. The overall stiffness-to-weight ratio for the Langma Advanced SL has been improved by 11.98 percent. This stiffness improvement is tailored to each frame size.
The Langma comes in sizes XXS through L, to accommodate as many women as possible, and the components are configured to best fit that specific size. More specifically, the crank length and handlebar width are tailored to fit the average woman of each frame size. The handlebar is also narrower than a traditional men’s handlebar, making it better suited for women. In the case of the small size Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0 that I tested, the bar has a cap-to-cap size of 360mm and a drop-to-drop size of 380mm. The cranks are 170mm long.

Tire clearance

The new Langma has a tire clearance of 33mm, compared to 32mm on previous Langma models. The increased tire clearance provides a little more versatility and provides more comfort on rougher roads. Daily drivers don’t always ride on the smoothest of roads and the new Langma is suited to those driving conditions.

Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0
The Liv Langma has room for 33mm tires. Shown are steps of 28 mm. Image: Hannah Marais

Other notable specifications of the Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0

The Langma Advanced Pro 0 is the top of the Langma Advanced Pro range (it uses the company’s second-tier carbon fiber forum, while the SL uses the best stuff) and comes with an Ultegra Di2 drivetrain, complete with a built-in – in double-sided Giant Power Pro power meter. The power meter can easily be linked to most ANT+ cycling computers to display your power output, pedal balance and cadence. The battery lasts up to 150 hours on a single charge.

The Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain has an 11 x 32 cassette and a 36/52-tooth crankset, giving you a good gear range for going up hills, although stronger riders might find themselves without gears on particularly steep descents.

The wheels of the Langma Advanced Pro 0 are the Giant SLR 0 with aero carbon spokes. The wheels have a rim depth of 40mm at the front and rear, which has been optimized for aerodynamics, although lighter riders may struggle to hold their line in strong crosswinds.

The bike also comes with a few accessories, including an integrated computer holder and water bottle holder.

Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0
The Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0 has a Shimano Di2 group with Giant’s power meter. Image: Hannah Marais

Canadian prices for Liv Langma models

Liv Langma model Price
Advanced SL 0 $15,799
Advanced SL 1 $9,999
Advanced Pro 0 (Pro Compact) $7,999
Advanced Pro 0 (special edition) $8,299
Advanced Pro 1 (AXS) $6,899
Advanced Pro 1 (Pro Compact) $6,599
Advanced 1 (Pro Compact) $4,499
Advanced 2 QOM $3,799

First ride impressions of the Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0

The Liv Langma Advanced Pro is certainly a fun bike to ride. The geometry feels less aggressive (and therefore more comfortable) than that of my own racing bike. Some specific features of the ladies can be difficult to determine without further testing, but the most noticeable for me was the narrower handlebars. I tested a size small with a 380mm bar and felt much more comfortable than on my wider road or gravel handlebars. While the women’s saddle may work for some, I personally find it quite uncomfortable, although that is easily remedied. The 28mm tubeless tires soften some of the road vibration, and the ability to run them at lower pressure was a big help on the rougher roads where I did most of my test riding.

While I may not be fast enough to experience the full aerodynamic benefits of the new frame and wheels, the bike does feel fast, especially when descending. For smaller or lighter riders, the 40mm deep carbon rims can make descending a little sketchy in places, especially if you get caught in the crosswinds, but they work wonders on the straights. The Giant SLR 0 comes into its own on the climbs with its low weight (1,339 g). The Langma stands out as a climbing bike. The responsive steering makes it very easy to get out of the saddle on steep slopes. It definitely feels like it can go a lot faster than my legs, which is a nice feeling on the bike.

Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0

Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0

Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0
Image: Hannah Marais