kama.ai announces release 3 of its graph-based Responsible AI platform, powered by human experience and human values.

kama.ai’s Designed Experiential Intelligence® platform, kama DEI Release 3, includes new advanced intelligence capabilities with human-like reasoning, thought process, and automated two-way conversations with users that detect and validate contextual situations users may encounter. Release 3 continues to deliver these advanced virtual assistant features with its zero-code, graph-based state machine, which is informed by enterprise teams in natural language, making it an accessible and inclusive technology that accurately reflects the voice of enterprises or communities using the system to use. .

Release 3 also advances kama DEI’s “Draft Assist” Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with the introduction of Enterprise RAG, which allows users to generate draft answers to frequently asked questions from their own private documents in Microsoft SharePoint® or other corporate document repositories. After generation, human verification, and fact-checking, the information is approved for insertion into the Kama DEI knowledge graph for secure, accurate, and actionable information delivery to business stakeholders via omni-channel conversational interfaces.

Founder and CEO Brian Ritchie said: “As an indigenous company, we remain focused on building accessible, transparent and understandable machine intelligence that can be programmed and managed by non-technical knowledge holders and business teams. Release 3 delivers a level of experiential intelligence we’ve envisioned since the beginning of our journey. Our advanced inference includes two-way conversations based on human values ​​and priority in the validation and treatment of problems, which represents the most natural and intuitive reasoning available in the industry based on our market intelligence.”

Speaking about the new Enterprise Draft Assist feature, Kama.ai’s Head of AI Development, Dr. Jacky Wang: “We were driven by our customers to provide a flexible way to manage the business documents that contribute to the Retrieval Augmented Generation process. Customer ‘Collections’ can contain a combination of specific sites, folders, or documents from which responses can be generated. We also ensure that each customer’s information remains private from other customer data to deliver our Responsible AI approach for the enterprise market. Ultimately, it is the people who make the final information credible and truthful and make it available to end users through our transparent natural language learning solution.”

Inspired in part by the Canadian government’s Code of Conduct for the Responsible Development of AI, kama.ai has outlined the requirements needed to realize an ethical, responsible and sustainable conversational AI platform in the white paper called The Quest for Responsible AI that can be accessed on the company’s website at kama.ai.