The NotE3 season continues to provide some pretty solid fodder thanks to a ridiculously stacked Nintendo Direct. The Nintendo Switch is then approaching the end of its life cycle shifting more than 141 million unitsbut Nintendo seems intent on launching the ridiculously popular console with a bang.

The company announced a software buffet during the showcase, including Super Mario Party Jamboree (the largest yet with over 110 mini-games), Donkey Kong Country returns to HD, Mario & Luigi: Brotherhood! (a vibrant island-hopping platformer) and HD-2D remakes of the original Dragon Quest trilogy.

The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom was also revealed and sent the internet into overdrive by confirming that Zelda herself will be playing the lead role this time around. Series producer Eiji Aonuma explained that the top-down adventure will focus on the titular princess and feature a new gameplay style that breaks convention.

The trailer shows Zelda eschewing traditional weapons like swords and shields in favor of a mysterious staff called the tri-rod that allows her to create “echoes” of objects and creatures. These echoes can be summoned and combined to communicate with the environment in a number of unique ways.

Maybe turn tables into stepladders by stacking them or conjure up a trampoline that jumps over a wall. It’s all very reminiscent of the open-ended crafting and puzzles of Tears of the Kingdom, and it’s clear that Nintendo is keen to continue experimenting with familiar franchise formulas to push the iconic series forward.

Before Nintendo put an end to the Direct, Nintendo made time to be in the spotlight Lego Horizon Adventures. The title was announced during Summer Game Fest, but it remains notable that Sony is bringing one of its most important first-party franchises to Switch – and that Nintendo agreed to promote it.

The Japanese company then turned a very strong Direct into a slam dunk by dropping a trailer for it Metroid Prime 4: Onward. The long-running project was first announced in 2017 (seven whole years ago), but seemingly hit a number of roadblocks.

Development was restarted two years after the unveiling, with Nintendo explaining that series creator Retro Studios would once again take charge. The trailer contained some cutscenes, short bits of gameplay and a vague release date: 2025.

Nintendo has stated this Past is heading to the Nintendo Switch, but with the company recently confirming that the next console will be unveiled before March 2025, you have to wonder if it will ultimately be about both.