Mattress sales started on July 4, but so far only by name. Popular mattress makers DreamCloud and Cocoon by Sealy launched their branded sales on July 4, but don’t be fooled: the actual deals are the same ones we see all year long.

As usual, all of the top-ranked options in our best mattress guide currently have some sort of discount. How good are the current offers? Will prices fall further? And just how good are the 4th of July sales if you want to get a bargain on a mattress? That’s where we can help.

Mattress prices don’t usually drop as low on Independence Day as they do on Memorial Day or Black Friday, but if you need a new mattress now, the 4th of July sale is your last chance to get a decent discount before prices rise. the summer months. They won’t be as low again until Labor Day.

We don’t expect current mattress prices to drop much lower between now and Independence Day. If you’re looking for the lowest price possible, it’s worth seeing if you can save an extra $50-$100, but if you need a new mattress now, there are some good discounts worth considering – we’ve listed the best ones here. They may not all be in the 4th of July mattress sale (some are just general sales), but they are all good value. And further down the page you’ll find pro tips and tricks to make the most of the 4th of July mattress sale.

7 Best Deals Ahead of the July 4, 2024 Mattress Sale

All mattresses here have been reviewed by our test panel and come highly recommended. These are the deals we recommend buying today if you need a new mattress now. We have seen many offers before, but they still offer excellent value for money. We will continue to update this section with new discounts as more mattresses are sold on the 4th of July.

July 4 mattress sale: Buying advice

How to Choose a Mattress During the 4th of July Sale

There are a few considerations to make as you learn how to choose a mattress that suits your sleeping needs. Getting clear on the answers to these questions before you start shopping the 4th of July sales can help you quickly find your ideal bed.

According to Tom’s Guide’s Senior Sleep Editor and Certified Sleep Science Coach Claire Davies, you should ask yourself these questions before purchasing a mattress:

  • What is your budget?
  • What mattress size do you need?
  • What position do you sleep in? (Side, back, stomach or combination)
  • What mattress firmness do you like? (Soft, medium or firm)
  • Do you sleep alone or share a bed?
  • Do you overheat during sleep?
  • Do you have physical complaints that wake you up?


The cost of a good mattress has increased by about $100 on average over the past year, so big sales like the 4th of July are an excellent time to get hundreds of dollars off the price of a top-quality bed.

We’ve seen from previous years how mattress prices tend to rise after Memorial Day and the Fourth of July mattress sale, says Senior Sleep Editor Davies, who notes that the next big mattress sale isn’t until Labor Day in September.

There are a lot of great cheap mattresses available most months now, and one of our favorites is the Siena Memory Foam Mattress, which is on sale every month for $399 (was $799) in a queen size at Siena Sleep.

“The Siena Memory Foam offers a lot of mattress at a budget price,” says Davies. “We normally recommend it for back and stomach sleepers, and for people who like to sleep on a firmer bed, regardless of their sleeping position or body weight.”

Mattress size

A couple goes shopping for mattresses together

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US mattress sizes range from twin XL to split Cal king, and choosing the right mattress size for your sleeping needs is critical to sleeping comfortably. Having the right amount of space for you and the person you share a bed with also reduces the risk of overheating. Here’s our complete guide to mattress sizes, plus how to choose the right mattress size for you.

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Mattress size: Dimensions Row 0 – Cell 2
Twin 38 x 75 inches Row 1 – Cell 2
Twin XL 38 x 80 inches Row 2 – Cell 2
Full 54 x 75 inches Row 3 – Cell 2
Queen 60×80 inches Row 4 – Cell 2
Olympic queen 66 x 80 inches Row 5 – Cell 2
King 76 x 80 inches Row 6 – Cell 2
Cal King 72 x 84 inches Row 7 – Cell 2
Split king 76 x 80 inches (divided in half) Row 8 – Cell 2


“Choosing the right mattress strength for your sleeping position and body type is crucial,” explains Davies, who has reviewed many of this year’s best mattresses in a box for all types of sleepers. “The two main factors that affect how soft or firm a mattress feels to you are your body weight and whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side.

“In general, we have found through testing that lighter adult bodies (weighing 300 lbs or less) sleep well on soft to medium mattresses, while heavier bodies (weighing 400 lbs or more) sleep well on medium to firm mattresses.”

Here’s a cheat sheet on how to choose the right firmness for you when selling mattresses on Memorial Day:

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Mattress firmness Firmness rating of 10 Best for…
Soft or plush 3 to 4 Lightweight side sleepers
Medium 5 Light to moderate side and stomach sleepers
Medium hard 6 Most people (the best firmness); sleepers with back pain
Sturdy 7 Back and stomach sleepers; sleepers with back pain
Extra sturdy/hard 8-9 Heavier bodies weighing more than 300 pounds; those who were advised to sleep on a hard bed

Other factors to consider

If you overheat during sleep or experience hot flashes (hot flashes) or night sweats, keep an eye out for the best cooling mattresses during this year’s Memorial Day sale. “Good cooling mattresses are not only designed to dissipate heat and wick away sweat, keeping you dry in bed, but they can also actively reduce the temperature of the bed,” explains Davies.

However, these smart mattresses are quite rare and therefore have a higher price tag, but I would recommend looking for deals on Eight Sleep, SleepNumber and Tempur-Pedic cooling beds.

The initial outlay for a cooling mattress can be a major investment in the quality of your long-term sleep health

Claire Davies, senior sleep editor

“If overheating is keeping you from falling asleep in a reasonable amount of time (usually within 20 minutes for most healthy adults), then the initial outlay for a cooling mattress can be a major investment in the quality of your long-term sleep health. “

Finally, if you share a bed with a restless sleeper, make sure you look for a mattress with good motion isolation. This means that it will significantly reduce or even completely stop any movement your partner makes that reaches you and wakes you from sleep.

4th of July Mattress Sale 2024 – An Expert Guide to What to Expect

As editor-in-chief of Tom’s Guide’s Deals, Louis Ramirez has been covering the Fourth of July mattress sales for more than a decade — so there’s little he doesn’t know about buying the best mattress for you at the best possible price. Below is his guide to the upcoming sales, including when they’re expected to start, and how to find a good deal.

When does mattress sales start on July 4?

Fourth of July mattress sales typically begin in mid to late June. However, I’m already seeing big brands like Nectar and Leesa promoting 4th of July deals on their homepages. If you know what you want and need a bed now, you can safely buy now. However, if you can afford to wait a few more days, you can save some extra money or score a free sleep bundle. Personally, I recommend waiting until the last week of June when all mattress sales will be live on the 4th of July.

How to spot a good mattress deal: 4 professional tips

  • Be clear about what you are looking for
  • Keep an eye out for any freebies, such as pillows, bedding and other accessories
  • Don’t forget to check for coupons
  • Please double check the warranty and return policy before purchasing

Helix Midnight Luxury Mattress

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Buying a mattress on the 4th of July can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of deals. Before you make a purchase, it is good to know which type of mattress you want or which brand. If you have that information ahead of time, you may only get a few sales. Just like you wouldn’t buy a laptop without doing some homework, you shouldn’t buy a bed without doing some research first.

Personally, I recommend waiting until the last week of June when all mattress sales will be live on the 4th of July.

Louis Ramirez, deals editor-in-chief

“When looking at deals, look for freebies (free pillows, sheets, mattress topper, etc.) as these bundles can save you money in the long run. Most brands include free shipping, but a few brands like Saatva can upgrade you to white glove delivery and they will even collect your old mattress and foundation for free.

Additionally, look for coupon codes. Most brands will promote their coupons right on their homepage, but I always recommend doing a quick search for coupons that may not be advertised by the mattress manufacturer. Finally, look at the warranty and return policy for the mattress you purchase. You may like the mattress you just purchased, but your partner may not. It’s always good to know what your options are if you need to return a mattress.”

4th of July mattress sales predictions

Mattresses sales are possible every day of the week. However, shopping holidays like the 4th of July typically offer better discounts than your traditional daily promotions. So I expect prices to drop a little lower than where they are now in the coming days. That said, the 4th of July isn’t as big as Memorial Day, so I don’t expect many record-breaking price drops. For most brands, I expect a continuation of their current summer sales. For brands such as Nectar and DreamCloud, this means a 40% to 50% discount on all mattresses. Likewise, brands like Helix and Birch are offering 20% ​​to 25% off sitewide.