Visual Art Activities

2020 Assignments

2020Comfort for the Mind

Sidewalk Chalk Assignment

A Regina artist is hoping a mural can brighten peoples' spirits during self-isolation. "It's comfort for the mind," said Josh Goff. "It feels good to have an escape." Goff is a graffiti artist whose work can be seen around the Cathedral area. The Warehouse Improvement District commissioned him to create a mural at the boarded up Humpty's restaurant. "Kind of say thank you to the essential workers," Goff said. "These are the people that are supporting us in this hard time."

A few years ago, Josh Goff came to Emerald Ridge Elementary School as a guest artist and worked with students on creating artwork in his style. Your assignment is to create your own image feel good message or image for people in your community using sidewalk chalk. Leave a note for people walking by, or draw them a picture to brighten their day and let them know we are all in this together.

Click on the image below or the article, to find out more about Josh Goff.

2020 April 10: Digital Scribble Stones

Hello Thunderbirds!

Click on the Scribble Stones book to watch a video here for a a step by step how to on this week's assignment. Here's an overview before you get started:

  1. .Listen to the story Scribble Stones

2.Choose a Stone to decorate. If you don’t have a stone, an Easter Egg will work great- or a drawing of a stone. (suggested curriculum topics are included)

3.Go to the website

4.Take a picture of your stone or egg using the app

5.Share the link of the image of your stone in the Google Photos comments below ( instructions are included)

6.Click on someone else’s link to add to their stone

7.Watch the artwork grow

2020 April 3: Thank You Hearts

Hello Thunderbird Families,

The Hearts in the Windows has become a worldwide campaign, and I would like to deepen our students' thinking about this campaign through an art and social studies activity. Each grade level heart contains inspiration from a different Canadian artist and asks students to either create a personal response, or to print off and colour in the heart that features that artist’s work. All families will have access to different mediums (materials) and that is okay. Hearts can be of all different shapes and sizes, painted, drawn, collaged or printed. The medium is not important, it is the message. Each heart is designed to thank a different essential service worker who continues to work during this pandemic. Following completing your heart please cut it out and a picture and upload it to the following link: See the attached slides on how to do this. Place your completed heart it in your front window. All hearts will ultimately be combined into one large community heart thanking everyone for doing their part during the pandemic. On a warm day, go for a walk as a family( while practising proper social distancing) and look for hearts in the windows.

Please note: This is a large document.

Hearts for all grades are attached and if you choose to print and you are printing a specific heart, select that page range before you click print.